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The ARES EU Projects Symposium

Based on the success of the ARES EU Projects Symposiums 2015, 2016 and 2017 we cordially invite EU project partners to organize a workshop at the ARES EU Projects Symposium 2018 . The Symposium will be held in conjunction with ARES 2018 and will offer you the following opportunities:

  • Disseminate the results of your EU research projects
  • Meet potential project partners
  • Exchange ideas within the scientific community
  • Explore Hamburg (position 10 in the NYTimes ranking: 52 Places to go in 2017 !)
date and sessions

The ARES EU Projects Symposium will be held within the ARES Conference 2018 on Monday, August 27, 2018. Accepted workshops can hold up to four sessions (two morning and two afternoon sessions).


The following workshops will be held in conjunction with the 4th ARES EU Symposium 2018, held in conjunction with ARES 2018:

1st International Workshop on Cyber Threat Intelligence Management (CyberTIM 2018)

European projects Clustering workshop On Cybersecurity and Privacy (ECOSP 2018)

3rd Workshop on Security, Privacy, and Identity Management in the Cloud (SECPID 2018)

Workshop on 5G Networks Security (5G-NS 2018)

International Workshop on Organized Cybercrime, Cybersecurity and Terrorist Networks (IWOCCTN 2018)

International Workshop on Physical and Cyber Security in Port Infrastructures (PCSCP 2018)